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Hi there. Thank you for stopping by. I’m Jen, an author, speaker, creator, and coach as well as an avid book reader, deep conversation enthusiast, dark chocolate and red wine fan. On my personal journey I have learned that when you connect with and honor your truth you are better able to use your voice to create powerful change.

I believe life is all about connection:  with yourself, with others, and the world around you. And at a time when we are feeling more disconnected, when more of us are feeling lonely, I want to help inspire and empower others to create more meaningful connections. And it starts with loving you first.

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I spent nearly 15 years of my life in unfulfilling, long-term relationships because I had been walking around with the baggage of low self-esteem, depression, and feeling like I didn't belong. Thus I became addicted to the affections of men, which provided me with the feeling of being accepted and loved, like I had a home.

It wasn't until I finally walked away from a nearly 11-year relationship that I found the time to reflect and heal. I started letting go of the things that no longer served me, including the fear of being alone and feeling unlovable. I learned to embrace being single and the importance of self-love.

Table for One is my personal journey of letting go of the need to have a man in my life to fill the voids. I share my fears and the questions I asked myself to work towards becoming a healthier, happier, more confident version of me.


Jennifer, thank you for being a speaker at our recent National Charity League, District 5....Ticktocker Day of Inspiration. Jennifer was professional and very inspirational to our audience of Mothers and Teen Daughters. Her topics were on point and she took a lot of care to be relatable to our group who truly enjoyed having her as one of the day's presenters. Jennifer was also very easy to work with and accommodating in both her ability to adjust to our schedule as well as bringing forward great ideas to make our day better. Thank you Jennifer. We loved having you and so appreciate your contributions to our District and members.

Kathy Keil-Rogers, National Charity League District 5, Ticktocker Specialist

Jennifer is a spunky, energetic self starter that is taking name and causing a commotion. I invited Jennifer to speak at one of my networking groups for women in business and she wowed the room. She is focused, driven and it is her passion to move people forward and to live their best life! I have been to many of her talks / events... and she really knows how to mix it up and keep people focused and interested. I look forward to working with Jennifer in the years ahead!

Melissa Bovberg, The Queen Bee Networks, Owner

I received this book as a gift, and whole-heartedly loved it. Jennifer’s raw vulnerability, witty humor, and honest reflection on the powerful lessons she’s learned in her romantic relationships and how those lessons taught her to love herself are truly inspiring. Although I am happily married (20 years strong!), this book empowered me to stay connected with my truth, integrity, and self-respect when dealing with unfulfilling friendships and challenging work relationships. I highly recommend this book for anyone seeking encouragement, guidance, and grace on their journey of love and self-acceptance.

Jennifer B., Mission Viejo, CA

Jennifer does a great job explaining the importance of self-love and why it’s important to find that first before being able to love someone else. I enjoyed hearing about her growth and it gives inspiration to others who seek self-respect and who need to walk away from situations that no longer serve them. Thank you for sharing your experience with us all Jennifer.

Marjorie B., Buena Park, CA

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