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You probably have an idea of what you want more of in your life, right?

And you probably feel like you come up against hurdles that hold you back, correct?

But what if I told you that you could jump over some of these hurdles by being kinder, forgiving and more loving with yourself?

What if having more of the life you truly desire and deserve means stepping into discomfort more often and becoming a lesson miner?

In this video I share 5 key ingredients that, when practiced, will move you closer to your delicious life.



Now that you’ve watched the video, here’s a quick recap of the 5 keys:

1. Compassion: Talk to yourself with the same words of encouragement, support and kindness that you would use with your own best friend. Be that best friend for yourself.

2. Forgiveness: This is about choosing to no longer assign significance to an event or person, thus leaving it behind and letting go in order to be present.

3. Self-love: You cannot freely accept the right kind of love—fulfilling, complete and whole love—into your life from someone else until you first have it for yourself.

4. Stepping into discomfort: The more discomfort you step into, the more bravery and courage you build. You become more resilient. You start uncovering your true potential.

5. Be a lesson miner: Whenever a challenge presents itself, take time to evaluate it and mine the nuggets of wisdom and growth from it.

I’d love to hear from you. What is your biggest takeaway from this video? How will you begin to regularly practice one of the keys shared?