My Story.

I was the girl who often felt like she didn’t fit in, the girl who felt socially awkward as my family moved around often. I was very uncomfortable in my own skin and I lacked the tools to pull myself up. Instead, I was hard on myself, filled my head with negative self-talk, and believed I wasn’t good enough.

I carried my insecurities and self-doubt into my adult life and continued to seek approval from others. For me, this meant clinging on to the wrong men out of fear of being alone. I stayed even when deep down inside, I knew that things were not right, because I thought I’d never find someone else to love me. At some level, I felt I was tainted.

Look in the mirror. Love that person fiercely.

Through my own journey of reflection, personal growth, and self-love, I have come to realize that when you connect with and honor your truth you are better able to use your voice to create powerful change not only for yourself, but for the world around you. I have grown from being an insecure woman trapped by a lack of self-worth and self-love, to a woman who now feels more at peace with who I have become and am still becoming. I have learned to embrace discomfort and take more risks in order to create my own memorable moments.

Connections are the threads woven into our heart’s tapestry.

I have also come to understand the importance of our relationships and how they significantly impact our lives, the most important relationship being the one you have with yourself. It’s a long-term commitment, not some casual affair. Making yourself a priority—loving you first—is the foundation to creating the life you want. It also helps to strengthen your relationships with others.

Sadly, we have become a more disconnected society today, and more of us are feeling lonely. This is why it’s so important to reconnect with ourselves, to create meaningful connections with others, and to feel more connected to the world around us.