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Click. Like. Click. Add. Click. Purchase. Click. Share. Click. Post. Click. Click. Click.

All the online clicking we do sounds like a clock ticking. It’s time being lost to actions that require no deep thought process, no human interaction, no real engagement. Just click, click, click. A mere tick-tock of time lost.

Online dating. Online shopping. Online browsing. Online reading. Online audience. Online research. Online profile.

So many tout the ease of online to complete all of our mundane tasks, but it seems we’ve actually outsourced our experiences and connections online as well. Our daily conveniences are at the expense of our ability to be present in the moment when we try to step away. It’s as if our social skills are regressing in the name of convenience.

Many say that being able to complete their list of things to do online frees up time. But time for what, I dare ask? More time to spend at an unfulfilling job? More time spent on other meaningless online activities? More time spent rotting in front of the tube? More time spent at children’s soccer games where parents are actually on the phone the majority of the time, not present? It seems that so many people are walking around in a numb state of being. So how are all of these online conveniences really freeing us up?

Then there’s drive-thru food, drive-thru coffee, and drive-thru prescriptions. There’s self checkout at grocery stores, retail stores and soon-to-be fast food locations. Sounds like more ways to avoid interacting with others. Seems like more conveniences to keep us in our own bubbles of loneliness and numbness. Seems like we’re adding more to the breakdown of our social fiber.

OMG. What is this world coming to? IDK. Is there any hope left? We are taking shortcuts to everything in life. Shortcuts to communication. Shortcuts to love. Shortcuts to human connection.

Shortcuts surround us. But haven’t we all heard that there are no real shortcuts in life? Do we not see that these everyday shortcuts are no different; that they are in fact taking us as a society down the wrong path?

Click. Click. Tick. Tock. When will we step from behind the curtain we’ve been hiding behind and be free to be vulnerable again—to be accepted for the reality of who we are rather than what we edit ourselves to be online?

Click. Click. Tick. Tock. When will we wake up and see that these progressions are causing a regression in human connection? That they’re causing more loneliness and leading to increased depression from all the negative chatter we now have more free time to listen to.

Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.