Your comfort zone is much smaller than the expansive world beyond it. It shape-shifts as the human mind stretches through learning, growing, and creating. The breadth of what we know continues to stretch beyond our limited understanding of the world, which is why the possibilities for what we can accomplish, how we can live, and what impact we can have, are abundant.

With the expansion of the outside world comes a stirring of our inside world, including our perceptions and thought processes. More of our perceived “common” limitations are challenged by new discoveries. Our road maps to success are continuously being rewritten by individuals rather than following the ones society freely hands out. The boundaries of what it is to live a fulfilling, happy life are being stretched beyond our own imaginations due to the vastness of possibilities that keep entering into the realm of human comprehension. The status quo is becoming more of a shadow rather than the highlight reel of our lives.

And this makes me wonder if it is possible to eventually live in a world where the comfort zone as we know it no longer exists. Where boundaries have become dotted lines because they’re constantly being expanded. Where limitations are blurred because of human and technological advances. Where what’s possible is merely the exploration of ideas rather than hiding in our comfort zones behind limitations, fears, and insecurities because everyone has adopted the mindset of an explorer and this becomes the new way of living. To have play, awe, seeking, creating and wonder be the newly adopted, accepted and taught rule book for how to live a meaningful, fulfilling, joyful life. To know that we are enough as we are and have the innate power to write our own great stories.

What if the collective dialog was focused more on inclusion rather than exclusion? What if self-care, creative problem-solving, and critical thinking were the base curriculum for all children? What if we were to be more connected to each other, to dive into the mind to swim within thoughts of mystery, wonder, passion and delight; to marvel in another being’s passions to help each other unlock our latent potential? What if…

I like to believe, want to believe, that we are moving in this direction.