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Dear child

You must stop and smell the roses

Look up at the stars and make wishes

Form pictures in the clouds floating overhead

Color within and outside of the lines

Make flour messes in the kitchen

Dance in front of the mirror

Sing at the top of your lungs

And allow your mind to make believe


Dear child

You must love without worry

Speak what’s in your heart

Lose track of time while playing

Allow the sun to kiss your face

Your soles to feel the freshness of earth

Let your toes sink in the sand

Catch snowflakes with your tongue

And raindrops in your palms


Dear child

I know you’re still within

I’m sorry to have silenced you

With the excuses of being an adult

I never meant to leave you behind

Or neglect your innocence and beauty

I promise to interact more often

To allow you to believe in magic

And set your loving heart free