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I know you may be feeling defeated. I know how it is to feel disheartened, to feel like you’ve lost hope. I have had thoughts of wishing I could escape to an isolated place and just disappear. You are not alone in feeling like giving up. I went from a girl who was in relationships for most of her adult life to one who has been single for nearly 6 years now. I’ve done the online dating thing and have tried countless sites and apps. I typically say yes when friends invite me out because you just never know who you may meet. But honestly, I have had my moments in which I’ve felt disheartened, wanting to throw in the towel, and just give up and resort to this being my new life–that I am bound to be single forever. I crave that deep connection with a special someone, to build a memorable-moments-filled life together. So I know I can’t give up. So instead I allow myself to take breaks to reconnect with me and give myself a little more love, before putting myself back into the dating pool. I have been working on my business for several years now. And yes, I catch myself playing the comparison game at times, but I walk away from it more quickly than I used to. So many others are doing their businesses full-time and are guests on podcasts and TV shows. Others have loyal fans who drink up everything they serve. I sometimes feel like my life doesn’t have as much purpose as I’d hoped it would by now, that I’m not really reaching and helping people. I wonder if I should just give up. But then I have these incredible visions of doing amazing things, and I take another step forward. It doesn’t matter how long this may take me. The truth is, giving up would mean a disconnection from your truth. It would mean abandoning your dreams, your soul’s desires, your vision for your life. It would mean settling when you deserve so much more. Giving up means allowing mediocrity to win. Who really wants any of that? Rather than giving up, take a break, recharge, and reconnect instead. Regroup your thoughts and if you need to chart a new course, do so. If you need to try something new, go ahead. But don’t give up on what makes your heart and soul smile. Don’t give up on your dreams. Most importantly, don’t give up on you.