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When dropping weight is addressed, it’s often in association with exercise and eating healthy to shed unwanted pounds. But what about the other dead weight you’ve been carrying around that weighs heavy on your heart, causes your shoulders to sag, and sits like a rock in the pit of your stomach? What about the chronic stress and doomsday thinking that clings to your insides, decreasing your desire to exercise but increasing your unhealthy eating, smoking and/or alcohol consumption, packing on even more unwanted pounds? 

For the new year, let’s set an intention to start letting go of the toxic relationships, negative thinking, unsupportive friends, soul-sucking jobs, worry associated with things beyond our control, the need for certainty, people-pleasing, seeking of external approval, self-doubt and just fucking go for it! Let’s drop the many ways we are toxically weighing ourselves down, holding us back from moving forward, from taking more risks, from living all out, and creating the life that we’ve only allowed to exist in our dreams up to this point.

Letting go is a process, like anything else, and it starts with being completely honest with yourself when you ask, What would allow me to feel lighter, a little more free, if I were to let it go? And then identify one small step you can make to move forward with letting go.

I need to let go of thinking that a relationship isn’t going to happen for me (which is hard after being single for nearly 6 years). This means catching myself when I’m saying something negative around relationships, and switching the talk to what I want to attract – a relationship. I need to say and come to believe that, I will attract the right relationship at the right time.

Let’s make the choice to let go, to lighten our loads and feel freer, to move forward.