Are there pieces of you that you keep locked away, with the key hidden, afraid to share them with the world? Are there thoughts that you suffocate beneath insecurities and the fear of what others may think of you if you were to reveal them? Do you ever feel like you could disappear into a corner at a gathering and no one would notice? Do you ever have moments in which you feel invisible?

I feel within each of us there are many different selves, different sides, competing thoughts, a battle within of who you want to be, who you feel you are now, who you believe others think you are. As we face the battles within ourselves on a daily basis, I feel that pieces of our authentic selves get buried, and these become our invisible self. These become the dreams undiscovered, the inner child quieted, the potential unrealized, the desires laid to rest.

The invisible self wants its voice to be heard. It wants to dance in the light. It wants to be seen, appreciated and understood. It longs to be released so it continues to whisper to you. But if you ignore it for too long, it may retaliate by throwing a temper tantrum in the form of emotional and/or physical pain. And eventually, it may become too tired from the fight and chooses to surrender. Years will pass by and hopefully, one day, when you start to get quiet and really listen, you will start to hear the whispers again, and finally give them the attention they seek.

I would ask that you make a promise with yourself to start listening now. Give voice to that part of your self that longs to be heard, that wants to dance, and yearns to play. Start with one small commitment and put it on your calendar. Share with someone close to you about what you’re doing to help support you. Have the courage to breathe life into your invisible self to live more fully into who you are. Let’s stop allowing beautiful pieces of ourselves to be invisible and give them the freedom to dance in the world, freely, where they belong.