“What if I don’t know what my delicious life looks like? What if I don’t know my why?”

These were the questions one of my attendees asked at a recent small group session. I had been sharing about the importance of moving outside of your comfort zone—the place where the lies exist, where you live small with a scarcity mindset—in order to move into the delicious life you desire—the place where your truth exists, where you live big with an abundance mindset. Moving outside of your comfort zone is where the magic happens in order to create and live your delicious life.

I concluded my discussion by asking, “What does your delicious life look like? What is your why for moving outside of your comfort zone?” And hence my attendee’s questions.

Do you find yourself asking these same questions? If so, perhaps this recipe will help.

1.  Start with the right base.

Think of all the lies you tell yourself—all of the self-limiting thoughts that you have—and write them down. Here are a few examples: I am not deserving. I am not a good shopper. I never have enough money. I am not good enough.

Now look at your list. I’m guessing it is pretty safe to assume that your delicious life would NOT include any of these self-limiting beliefs and instead, would be the exact opposite. Therefore, in looking at the examples used, your delicious life would actually consist of the following: I am deserving. I am a great shopper. I have enough money. I am good enough. Now write these down on a new sheet of paper. You are off to a great start.

2.  Top with the three key ingredients.

If you’ve been to my website, you know that I believe the top three key ingredients for creating your delicious life are 1) compassion, 2) forgiveness, and 3) self-love. When you top your life with these, you are lessening the negativity that is present, gifting yourself with the freedom to move forward, and empowering yourself. Life will become more enjoyable. Gratitude (another key ingredient) will come more easily.

3.  Season with your favorite activities.

These are the things that add more zest. For me, these include monthly massages and pedicures, indulging in pizza, enjoying a nice glass of wine, listening to live music, motorcycle rides, enjoying a walk outdoors, and inspiring others through writing (one of my whys).

What are yours? What are the things that help you tap into your true self? What activities bring a smile to your face? What makes your heart smile? When do you feel most alive?

If you need assistance with visualizing this, close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths and picture yourself at your happiest. What are you doing? Who are you surrounded by? What do your senses see, feel, hear, taste and smell? This is a glimpse of what you would like more of—what makes you feel closer to yourself; makes you happy. I recommend writing down everything that shows up in your vision and then scheduling time on your calendar for your activities and interests.

4.  Cook and enjoy.

Don’t forget, you actually have to take action—even if it’s just small steps at first—in order to actually create and savor your delicious life. This could mean subscribing to an inspiring podcast, signing up for a class, researching local piano lessons, joining a social group, researching an idea you’ve had, writing on a regular basis, or scheduling that massage—finally (to name a few). Whatever action steps you choose be sure to actually schedule them so they happen.

So remember, start with the right base (positive thoughts, abundance mindset), pile on as much of the key ingredients as possible (compassion, forgiveness and self-love), season with your favorite activities, and take action to complete (schedule time on your calendar) and you’ll be on your way to creating your delicious life.