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How much attention do you give to things that don’t matter

Watching your relationships, happiness and joy shatter

Wasting time on people who could care less

Causing you to feel like you’re less than blessed

Questioning how your life has come to this

Shaking your head at how it’s gone amiss

The would’ve, could’ve, should’ves running through your head

Dreams once alive now lay for dead

Holding your face in the palms of your hands

Finally declaring, “I must take a stand!”

It’s time to bring your dreams to fruition

A life of joy, happiness and significance is your mission

Did you know that the richest piece of land

Is the graveyard where so many dreams die in hand

It’s time to finally take action

One step forward can create a chain reaction

A domino effect towards the life you truly desire

Watch your life as it elevates higher and higher

Don’t wait for the moment to be just right

Or your dreams will remain locked air tight

Give them room to breathe and grow

How else will you ever know

What your greatest potential can be

Unless you set yourself free