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The surface of anything is simple, really, and the depth is what adds richness. Who we present ourselves to be to most of the world, is surface, shallow. It’s the outer shell that protects the soft center where our vulnerability, dreams and desires reside. It’s where the truth of who we are lays dormant until we become brave enough to release it into the world, until someone else becomes brave enough to take a deep dive, to peel away the layers to truly see, hear and value us. And it’s the journey we must take ourselves – to go deep within – to unleash our own potential and live life fully.

Too many of us remain in the shallow end, afraid of drowning, of being consumed, if we dive into the deep end. But the truth is, many of us are drowning in these shallow waters. It’s within the deep waters where more movement, more exploration, more curiosity, more discovery, more freedom exist. Looking at an actual ocean, we still don’t fully comprehend what all exists in the deepest waters. There are still unexplored areas and depths. We may have only scratched the surface of our oceans. And this is true for many of our connections – to ourselves, to others, to the world around us.

It’s interesting that I’m using this metaphor for life because I’m afraid of the water myself. I’m not a confident swimmer, and the depths of the ocean scare me. It’s why I don’t really swim and why I absolutely will not scuba dive. The idea of being reliant on a breathing apparatus that if you ascend to the surface too quickly you could die, freaks me out. But what a truth this is for our own lives. 

You see, people will often venture into the depths of an experience, a person, a moment, but because it’s unfamiliar, because it may feel uncomfortable, because new things may emerge that we need to face, we quickly rise back up to the comfort of the surface. Our soul slowly suffocates when we regularly operate at the surface of life because we are leaving so much potential, exploration, curiosity, below the surface. So it is in the deep dive where the soul actually becomes free.

It is in the deep dive where real connections occur, where real love exists, where our vulnerability is discovered, where our real potential is unearthed.

And this is why I become bored with surface conversations. They’re too simplistic. They don’t really reveal much about someone. They don’t cultivate deep, meaningful connections. They don’t offer up an invitation to be vulnerable, to connect, to be seen and heard. Sadly, this is where many of us choose to hide.

You are so much more than what people see before them, than your exterior shell. Our thoughts are much more complex than the simplicity that many of our daily conversations allow. Our lives could be richer, more meaningful, more memorable, if we allowed ourselves to dive deeper – into our own lives, into the lives of others and into the world around us. Look beyond the simplicity through eyes of curiosity, awe, wonder, excitement, exploration, seeking. It’s amazing what you will discover and learn, how you will change and grow, and how you’ll see things in a different way.