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A couple months ago I was thinking about how important it is to find the gratitude in every situation, and my mind wandered—to bosses who undervalued me, the ex who cheated, people who have said one thing and done something else—and I found the gratitude in all of those instances as well. And so I ended up writing a thank-you note to uncover the gratitude in the things that weren’t so pleasant in the moment, but were blocks that once removed, allowed me to live more in alignment with my authentic self.


I would like to say thank you to my ex for betraying my trust, for helping me to see that our relationship truly was over in order for me to focus on me and create the life I am now living.

Thank you to my last boss who eliminated my position as it afforded me the time to focus on my vision and allow myself to take new risks in growing my own business.

Thank you to previous bosses who didn’t believe in my value as it helped me to look inward even more and resolve to see my own value no matter what.

Thank you to the friends who have come and gone because it has helped me to foster a deeper, richer appreciation for those who support me and love me as I am.

Thank you to the men who showed their true colors on first phone calls and first dates as it allowed me to deepen my belief in my value and to not waste time or settle for anything less than I deserve.

Thank you to my inner voice for always speaking up, never giving up on me, as I finally learned to get quiet and listen, to be guided more towards the life I desire.

Thank you to discomfort for being my friend ever since I can remember, with being uprooted and trying to fit in, as it has resulted in me seeing my strength, helping to build my courage and belief in myself, taking even more risks because, why not?

Thank you to all the challenges, struggles, naysayers, backstabbers and disappointments throughout my life because they have allowed me to be less scared, to kick fear out of the driver’s seat, and to see that I get to call the shots in my life. Thank you because I have learned the importance of valuing myself, loving myself, investing in me, and allowing myself to take risks in order to learn, grow and create amazing experiences.

And thank you to myself for finally allowing me to live more authentically, for not clinging on to unsupportive people for fear of being alone because as I have grown more secure in myself, I have attracted my true tribe of badass supporters. I thank myself for saying yes to bigger and bolder adventures and for creating memories that are all mine, leaving footprints on my heart.


This ended up being an empowering exercise that hadn’t been planned out, but just felt right, and so I’d like to challenge you to do the same.

Set aside some quiet time for yourself and write out your own thank-you note to the universe, guiding you to seek the gratitude in all the perceived challenges. After all, the more gratitude you can feel and express in your life, the more joy that you will bring into it for yourself and those around you.

And if you do write your own note, share all or a portion of it below. I’d love to see how this has helped you.