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Today’s video was inspired by a country song that was playing in my car a couple days ago while driving, and it got me to thinking about the core values, belief system and self-worth that I hold on to, no matter what.

We live in a very fast-paced, information-overload society and oftentimes it can seem like “everyone” is doing that over there or all your social media friends are doing this over here. It can cause you to question your own values and belief system.

Have you ever teetered on the edge of compromising your core values because of the noise around you?

Have you found yourself doubting your own worth because of invaluable feedback you’ve received from others?

In this video I share a couple of my own experiences in dealing with this and how, even though I may have questioned myself and my beliefs, I came to the realization that there was nothing wrong with me and reminded myself of who I really am.



Now that you’ve watched the video, take some time to determine what your core values are — what is most important to you in your life. For me, I know that integrity is number one and when others ask me to do something that I deem unethical, I respectfully ask to be removed from the situation (when dealing with an employer) or gracefully remove myself.

Ask yourself: What am I willing to hold on to, no matter what? No matter what it may seem like “everybody” else is doing. No matter what you’re seeing on Facebook. No matter what others may say.

Knowing this about yourself is powerful. You’ll be able to make better decisions that will save you from regret.

I’d now love to hear from you. Share below in the comments what you are willing to hold on to. No. Matter. What.