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Inspiration often hits when we least expect it. It can be triggered by something someone says to you. It could be a line from a movie. Perhaps it’s the lyrics to a song that help your mind drift.

It’s been a while since I last wrote a poem—nearly 2 years ago actually. I attended the Summit of Greatness in Columbus, Ohio this past weekend and found myself captivated by the words that flowed from Adam In-Q. I literally hung on to every single word he released into the universe and loved how you could hear a pin drop as others did the same. I was in awe.

I returned home on Sunday, feeling saddened that it was already over and I was back to my “real” life. Then yesterday, I sat down to meditate and two sentences came to mind and I really felt them. I got up, grabbed a notebook and began writing. The image below is what was created in a matter of minutes, with an ease I hadn’t felt in quite some time.

As much as I want to try to create more, I know that trying to force pen to paper isn’t the best avenue. Sometimes, inspiration just strikes and the message is delivered and then it’s my job to capture and record it.

I feel like there is more inside of me to share and perhaps I’ve found another outlet for doing so. I’ve always been into poetry, but I feel like a shift has occurred in how I view it. I’ve been inspired to think outside of the box and look at poetry as a way to help people take a closer look at matters of the heart. Perhaps I’ll be on stage one day, performing some spoken word magic.

Thank you inspiration and thank you Adam In-Q.