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Your life begins and ends with YOU. It’s not with buying the right home. It’s not with finding the ideal partner. It’s not with the killer job. It’s not even with marriage or having a baby. Each of these are moments in your life that begin the writings of a new chapter of your story. But do not mistake these as events that define who you are. YOU define who you are.

Each day is a fresh start to create the life you desire. Yes, our time is limited, but you have the power to live each day with curiosity, excitement, awe. You have the power to change direction. You get to design your moments and memories. You are the author of your story. So do not give the pen to someone else to write it for you. You choose the characters that stay. You choose the direction. You choose the adventures.

All along the way, it’s you who writes your life story and the people, places and memories help add texture, flavor, vibrancy, richness and depth to it. And remember that you can write people out when you need to. You can change jobs at any time. You can shift direction when you choose. It’s all about listening to that inner voice and dipping your pen in those dreams and desires to ink out the best life possible for you.

Live your life for you. Begin new chapters as you desire. Don’t be afraid to finish those that have come to an end, or need to. Play. Love. Travel. Seek. Experience. Laugh. Cry. Do as much as you want or as little as you want. But do it for YOU.

Do it because it feels right for you. Do it because it speaks to you. Do it because it cultivates more of the feelings you want. Do it because it’s your story, and your life begins and ends with YOU.